Monday, November 10, 2014


1. My name is Brooke Justine. 
2. I was born and raised in Orange County, CA. My heart will forever belong there.
3. I can quote Back To The Future and Harry Potter too well.
4. Guilty pleasures; hairbrush singing to Taylor Swift, brand new graphic novels, and a Strawberry Banana smoothie.
5. Biggest hopeless romantic, I am a sucker for all things cheesy. And by that, I mean nachos too.
6. I see 1234, a LOT.
7. I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a strawberry birth mark shaped like a heart on the back of my head.
8. I am a morning person
9. Speaking of mornings, I could eat breakfast for every single meal.
10. Traveling is something I don't do often, but I take it all in when I travel anywhere. Even if it's only an hour away.
11. I've been to 6 different comic conventions, and truly feel the most comfortable when I am there.
12. My birthday is June 29th, which means, I am a Cancer. 100% and to the 'T'.
13. In love with all things Disney related.. And I mean Disneyland trips very often, listening to Disney music, and chatting about it on forums.
14. Being raised from a Spanish-speaking family, I CAN'T speak/read Spanish. Don't believe me? I got a 27% in the class.
15. I've been writing since I was 5 into "diaries", and re-reading them are too embarrassing, so I end up either tearing out the pages or hiding them well enough where I can't re-read them.
16. YouTube geek.
17. If I could have any celebrity play me in a movie, it would probably be Aubrey Plaza, because I get told I "act" like her too many times to count.
18. I'm allergic to cats.
19. The sound of typing makes me sleepy...
20. Goodnight!